Office of the Fort McDowell Prosecutor

Our Mission Statement

“The Office of the Prosecutor of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation strives to preserve and enhance the community’s quality of life by fostering a law abiding, safe and secure environment, seeking justice in each and every case.”

Our Team

The Office of the Fort McDowell Prosecutor consists of the Tribal Prosecutor, two Deputy Prosecutors, an Administrative Assistant, a Victim/Witness Advocate and the Nation’s Forfeiture Compliance Officer.

The duties of the Victim/Witness Advocate include, among other things, providing domestic abuse victims with information regarding statutory victim rights, case hearings dates and developments, settlement negotiations, safety concerns, restitution and victim input statements.

The Victim/Witness Advocate also provides assistance with filing Orders of Protection and in arranging emergency shelter and counseling options.

Providing Crisis Intervention & Victim Assistance

Crisis Intervention

The Domestic Violence Victim Witness Advocate at the request of Tribal Police, community members, and other service providers responds to assist victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking and Teen Dating Violence.

Our Crisis Intervention Services include:

  • Safety Plan
  • Emotional Support
  • Explanation of Criminal Proceedings
  • Shelter Referrals/Transportation
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
Victim Assistance

We assist victims in coping with the aftermath of Domestic Violence.

Our Victim Assistance Services include:

  • Court Escort
  • Court Orientation
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Assist with Victim Impact Statement
  • Referrals
  • We assist victims through the criminal  justice system including help with:
    • Victim  Rights
    • Case status information
    • Filing Order of Protections & Injunction Against Harassment Orders

Zero Tolerance of Domestic Violence

The Office of the Fort McDowell Prosecutor is fully committed to prosecuting crimes involving domestic violence in accordance with the Nation’s zero tolerance policies. Crimes involving domestic violence impact individuals, families and the community at large. Therefore, decisions to prosecute domestic violence cases depend upon the sufficiency of the evidence, not the cooperation or lack of cooperation of the victim.

The Prosecutor’s office strives to give the victim a “voice” in the case and to effectively address safety concerns of the victim. Furthermore, the Prosecutor’s Office constantly strives to educate individuals and the community about domestic violence prevention in order to empower victims and to break the cycle of abuse.


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 The Code

(February 6, 2013)
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Important Documents

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Contact our Office

The Prosecutor’s Office can be reached at 480-789-7670, and our Victim/Witness Advocate can be reached at 480-789-7678.